viernes, 17 de junio de 2011


After a long time without updates, I'm here again!

Writing a blog in English is always a good option to improve my use of that language, but sometimes I don't know what to say. So I only can think about news in my life.

Today I can say that I've finished my career, after 5 years of study. I'll miss my friends in the University , but I have to begin a new stage in mi life. By the way, I've passed the first level of my Deutschkurs and tomorrow I'm gonna face the Speaking, the last exam conducing to obtain the First Certificate. I'm a bit nervous because I'm not good speaking English, but I cross my fingers...

I'm playing on a band after years! I play the keyboard, and I'm practising some songs to play with my mates. We like metal so much, and our band will have a little bit gothic because of our lead singer, who likes loves this style. We have our first rehearsal next week, so I'll write about it then.

Have a nice time!

And I'm waiting for next concerts on July!

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